Adaptive Athletes exude the can-do attitude! Everyone has struggles but not everyone lets the struggle control their actions.

Adaptive athletes exemplify that “can-do” attitude through patience, passion, planning, persistence, and most of all perseverance. They worry less about what they cannot do and focus on what they “can-do.”

Able bodied athletes learn so much from being around this mindset. Learning that their struggles are minor or even insignificant compared to what others face daily!

The combination at The Crown Mountain Strongman Championship is unique. It provides perspective to what you would not otherwise experience!

This is why we do what we do! We share this perspective and celebrate the athlete in All of Us. We relish even the smallest victories.

Obstacles: Do you see them as insurmountable? Do you see them simply as a challenge yet to be conquered? Perspective is how you see things...Mind set determines your actions...You control the outcome! Come join the Crown Mountain Strongman Experience! Steve Fotion

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