May 7th, 2022 At The Stable Center In Superior Colorado





Bringing together able body and adaptive athletes on the same playing field

Do you want inspiration? Do you want to see what appears to be impossible feats of strength? Do you want to feel like you are able to do anything? The Crown Mountain Strongman Championship will do just that!

A few years back, while at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, I was watching the world's strongest adaptive athletes compete in the back corner of this enormous convention center. I said to myself, “This is NOT ok!” The Pro Heavy’s were on the elevated center stage and the amateurs had amazing exposure...Where was the appreciation, respect, and the platform for the adaptive athletes?

I decided... I would do it myself. I would put on a show that would give equal billing to both able body and adaptive on the same stage, same events with some adaptation. That is how the Crown Mountain Championship was conceived!

Both able bodied and adaptive athletes inspiring, encouraging, and cheering one another on to the amazement of the audience!

After a brief intermission due to injury and a pandemic, we are back at it providing a competition that we can all be proud of. Able and adaptive athletes competing together at a remarkable venue, to take Crown Mountain to the next level!

Trophies for the top 3 in all Open classes.

Steve Fotion

Steven Fotion, child #2 of six, a father to 4 and has always been a seeker of strength both mentally and physically. He built his first weight bench with his best friend at 14 years old right out of a Sports Illustrated magazine. He started lifting weights in the high school gym at 16 1⁄2 and more than 4 decades later is still going strong. He trains everything and everyone from adaptive athletes to the World’s best!

Steven joined the army at 17 and attained 2 MOS’s, neither of which were strength related which ultimately led him to do only a single hitch in the reserves. He really wanted to become a full-time drill instructor...which he was denied. He loved the discipline and the structure! This is a positive trait he now holds in high regard having lacked both early in his youth.

During college, Steve studied fitness management and in 1987 traveled to California, the fitness mecca of the country to do an internship and become a personal trainer. He competed in his first power lifting meet, 1988 in Burlington VT. and his first Body-building contest, 1989 in Brattleboro, VT. Racking up victories and defeats from the early 1990’s to the present. To say he was hooked would be a huge understatement!

In May 2009 Steven and his wife opened Fotion’s Clubhouse Gym, a near lifelong dream come true. This private gym is an environment fertile to building all aspects of strength both mentally and physically. Through his years of work on athletic improvement and rehabilitation, he developed a soft spot for those with physical challenges. Thus, resulting in the creation of The Crown Mountain Strongman Championship!


1. Yoke Run- It is a carrying drag race 60 ft


2. Log press for rep’s


3. Farmers carry with a turn-60 ft. down and back


4. Car dead lift for reps-side handled 13”


5. Stones-a five stone series ascending in weight to descending in height platforms
Event Weights

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