Crown Mountain Strongman Championship Events 2022

Event 1: Farmers Carry 60ft down…turn… 60ft back 1 drop allowed

Novice: LW: 210lb per hand HW: 230lb per hand
Open Class: LW: 230lb per hand MW: 250lb per hand HW: 280lb per hand
Master Class: LW+40: 250lb per hand LW+50: 230lb per hand
HW+40: 280lb per hand LW+50 250lb per hand

Novice: LWW: 115lb per hand HWW: 155.b per hand
Open Class: LW: 150lb per hand MWW: 175lb per hand HWW: 200lb per hand
Master Class: LW+40: 175lb per hand LW+50: 150lb per hand
HW+40: 200lb per hand HW+50: 175lb per hand

Event 2: Log Clean and Press for Reps

Men 12” Log
Novice: LW: 200lb HW235lb
Open Class: LW: 200lb MW: 235lb HW: 265lb
Master Class: MW+40: 235lb MW+50: 215lb
HW+40: 265lb HW+50: 235lb

Women 10” Log
Novice: LW: 100lb HW: 125lb
Open Class: LW 125lb MW: 150lb HW: 175lb
Master Class: LW+40: 150lb LW+50: 125lb
HW+40: 175lb HW+50: 150lb

Event 3: Car Deadlift for Reps 12”-14” Side Handle

Novice: LW 300lb HW 350lb
Open Class: LW: 370lb MW: 420lb HW:450lb
Master’s Class: LW+40: 370lb LW+50: 370lb
HW+40: 420lb HW+50 420lb

Novice: LW: 300lb HW: 350lb
Open Class: LW: 370lb MW: 420lb HW: 450lb
Master’s Class: LW+40: 370lb LW+50: 370lb
HW+40: 420lb HW+50: 420lb

Event 4: Yoke Carry 60 feet one way and done!

Novice: LW 500lb HW 600lb
Open Class: LW: 600lb MW: 650lb HW: 725lb
Master’s Class: LW+40: 650lb LW+50: 600lb
HW+40: 725lb HW+50: 650lb

Novice: LW 300lb HW 400lb
Open Class: LW: 390lb MW: 470lb HW: 510lb
Master’s Class: LW+40: 390lb LW+50: 350lb
HW+40: 470lb HW+50: 390lb

Event 5: Stone Loading to Platforms

5 Stone Series platform heights loading from highest to lowest
Platform Heights:
Open MW & HW Class: 1

st 64″, 2nd 59″, 3rd 54″, 4th 49”, 5th 44”
Novice & LW & Master’s Class: 1st 62”, 2nd 57”, 3rd 52”, 4th 47”, 5th 42”
Stone Weights:
#1=200lbs #2=230lbs #3=270lbs #4=300lbs #5=335lbs

Platform Heights:
All Classes: 1st 60”, 2nd 55”, 3rd 50”, 4th 45”, 5th 40”
Stone Weights:
#1= 115lb #2=145lb #3=175lb #4=200lb #5=220lb

Adaptive Athletes Events:
1. Farmer’s: Standing will do a carry and seated will do a hold-Weights TBD
2. Log Press from a rack: 12” log for reps
3. Car Deadlift/Lever Deadlift:
4. Yoke: Those capable will do a Yoke Carry 60 ft. Seated will perform
bamboo bar press for reps 6-8 reps with a hold for time. No back rest and
belts allowed.
5. Stone Loading from platform to a higher platform TBD

Adaptive athletes please reach out as we are trying to develop suitable weights according to
ability. This contest is for you so please contribute opinions and thoughts. This will help us
establish a better baseline in order to provide a better contest for you.
Steven Fotion 970-948-5026